Every Person Is A Diamond In The Wild


Every believer possesses gifts that are needed for the growth of God’s kingdom. However, not everyone’s countenance standout from the crowd, and their gifts may not be immediately apparent at inception. However, given time and some nurturing, they will begin to radiate their peculiar glory. Hence, it is important not to judge a person by his appearance or immediate relevance to the ministry.

Diamonds as they are found in the wild are not impressive. They have none of the magical flashes of light which in the finished product make them unique among the noble family of gems. It is in polishing that the glittering brilliance of a diamond is acquired. The art of turning a rough diamond to its supreme glory is a long process requiring a superlative degree of skill. Similarly, the success of turning every believer into an effective minister very much hinges on the skill and vision of the mentor. Therefore, every believer is a diamond in its rough state. It requires on the part of the mentor utmost skill and patience in turning them to worthy instruments for God’s use.

Note : text extracted from Pastor Gabriel Chong Yew Chan’s sharing on http://thesolidfood.org/en/joshua-1917-23-every-person-is-a-diamond-in-the-wild/

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