How to use OFFLINE mode for a speedier user experience 

1. Go to PLANS and select the category that you will be reading daily by selecting the “Start” button. Indicate the category using the radio button as shown in the below image (e.g. Genesis).

2. After selecting the category that you desire, go to SETTINGS and choose PLANS FEED as your default Homepage (as seen in the image below). Choose your desired language. Tick “Hide language selection at startup”.

3. Every time you startup the app, it will immediately go to PLANS FEED, which in this case will be Genesis (see image below).

Note that PLANS FEED is in OFFLINE mode. In PLANS FEED, new articles will not be downloaded. If you wish to download new articles pertaining to the category concerned, you can initiate download by the following: Go to PLANS. Locate the desired category and select the “On going” button. Wait for a moment and the new articles (if they are available) will be downloaded.

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