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The Kingdom Mindset

Baris is a family of traditional war dances of Bali, accompanied by gamelan, in which a dancers depict the feelings of a young warrior prior to battle, glorify the manhood of the triumphant Balinese warrior, and display the sublimity of his commanding presence.

Baris served and submit to the king of Bali with a pure and loyal heart. They committed to protect the kingdom from enemies and would die for the king.

When we put God’s kingdom first, He will not put us second. God’s kingdom’s work involves preaching the gospel and helping those who are poor. The purpose of our existence is to help establish righteousness, justice and prosperity in the world. Many people possess a problem solving mentality. Their focus is on solving their personal problems and not to advance God’s kingdom. They exist primarily to make life more comfortable for themselves and for their family. Jesus did not promise us a comfortable life, nor a problem free life, but a glorious life. When if we put God’s kingdom first, our lives may not always be smooth, but it will certainly be exciting and miraculous. The powers of heaven and earth are granted to us to establish His kingdom’s work. Through us, people are delivered from condemnation, sickness and curses by the gospel.

Text extracted from Pastor Gabriel Chong Yew Chan’s sharing on Matthew 6:7-13 Prayers that please God –

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