John 1:6-8 Be a Channel of Blessing

There came a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness, to testify about the Light, so that all might believe through him. He was not the Light, but he came to testify about the Light. John 1:6-8


A prophet name John was sent from God to draw the people’s attention towards this Light. This man was John the Baptist, who was commissioned by God and given divine powers to do His work. However, John was not the Light but was tasked to point the people of that time to the Light. And that Light is Jesus Christ.


1.  God always uses a man to point others towards Himself. The role of John the Baptist was to prepare the hearts of man so that they could come to recognize and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. Like John the Baptist, we serve the same role in bringing people to Christ and be a channel of blessing to them.

2.  We are not the Light, but the Spirit of Christ is that Light. We preach the Word, but only God can illumine and convict their hearts. We may get to their minds, but only God could get to their hearts. We could encourage them, but only God can give strength and hope. We could console another by our presence, but only the Spirit of God can take away their sorrow and give joy. We could provide medication, but only God can give health. It is through Christ that curses can be broken. If we only realize the power of the Light, we will do all to point them to Christ. Our priority is first to point them to the Savior, and thereafter to provide workable solutions.


Make it our priority to communicate the gospel and help others connect with God. Today, believers are commissioned to point others to the Light. We can never be the solution to the problems of man, but we are pointers of the Light in which they may receive salvation. Because God is all-loving, all-powerful and all-wise, only He alone has sufficient power to save and solve the world’s problems. Many believers today are contented to play the role of confidantes, but they would never for fear of rejection point them to Jesus. They could provide some degree of emotional comfort, but strength for breakthrough comes only from God.

Preach the gospel of repentance. Many receive help from man, but only to prolong their sufferings and poverty. Many Christians are so busy giving physical help and praying for the sick instead of preaching the gospel of repentance. The people receive healing, financial assistance but because they do not repent, there is no salvation, prosperity or divine health. Thus, many see their sicknesses return and subsequently their condition worsened. When we understand our role, we put ourselves in the right place and not try to be the solution to every problem. Let God reveal to us how best to help people. Many a times it is wise not to render physical help but just encourage them by pointing them to Jesus. As we do our part, God will work all things in His way and timing.

Dear Lord, use me to speak hope to those who are hopeless. Use me to love those who are lonely. Use me as an instrument to build up my company and create trust in the workplace. Use me to bring healing and unity in my church and family. Use me to build up my church in order to reach out to the community. As I endeavour to do Your will and build Your kingdom, provide for me and bless me richly. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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