Focus on God’s faithfulness, and faith will arise naturally

Therefore, our faith is derived from the faithfulness of God. God has already decided that He will fulfill His promise to us but in His perfect time. If believers could persevere in doing God’s will, and by sticking to the course, we will obtain the promise in good time. Some believers suppose by praying more, they may attract the faithfulness of God. However, the purpose of prayer is not to urge God to be faithful, but to listen to His instructions so that we may know how to exercise faith. The reason why Sarah had faith was because she considered Him faithful who had promised. Therefore, the basis of the believers’ faith rest on God’s faithfulness. Faith is not to turn to the left or to the right, but to persevere in the course until we obtain victory.

text extracted from City Revival Church’s Pastor Gabriel Chan Chong Yew sharing on Hebrews 11:11-12 Focus on God’s faithfulness, and faith will arise naturally.


Image by Thomas Tham

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