Honesty and a good heart are keys to receiving divine guidance


Honesty and a good heart are keys to receiving divine guidance.

A person with a good heart delights in the truth, and he endeavors to do what is right. However, most people depending on the circumstances allocate differing weight and treatment to different truths.

Are you accustomed to obeying the truth selectively? Do you attribute greater weight to certain truths while compromising on the others? The truth is one as God is one. Make a decision today to be uncompromising regardless of circumstances. In doing so, you will hear God’s voice in clarity and conviction.

Are we serving God from the lips or the sincerity from the pure hearts? Are you serving God and people out of selfish personal agenda, or are you serving people and God out of obedient, compassion and love? The moment we blur the lines between good and evil, we lose clarity concerning God’s voice. Without the clarity, the serving is not genuine and often brings hurt to yourself and the people.

Simon Peter’s act of obedience received the clarity and thus take action in faith to follow Jesus’ advice.

Simon answered and said, “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing, but I will do as You say and let down the nets.” ~ Luke 5:5

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