Honouring Christ As The Centre Of Our Lives


Believers honour Christ as the rightful center of their lives as opposed to their ministry calling.

Many believers make the mistake of setting God’s ministry as the vision and call of their life. They begin to make plans towards its fulfillment so much so that Christ is no longer central to their lives. In fact, Christ is relegated to the servile role of helping them fulfill the call to good works. As a result, they become very driven, to the point of aggressiveness in fulfilling ministry objectives; they are likened to zealots who make God an accessory to accomplish their personal aspirations. Many ministers and churches err in making their ministries central rather than the fellowship of Christ. It is no wonder that many lacked the power and the anointing of the Spirit and even their families are deprived of things that their members often enjoy.

As believers learn to honour Christ as the rightful center of their lives through obedience to His word, the peace of the Spirit will guide them on the path of their calling. A healthy ministry calling must emerge from an intimate relationship with Christ. Without which, they will minister out of their drivenness and insecurity causing hurt to themselves and to the flock. Believers who keep Jesus as their centrality will minister out of the unforced rhythms of grace where signs and wonders become a permanent feature in their endeavours.

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