How do we discern the hearts of people?


Many people readily share their lives with others without discernment and proper boundaries. As a result, they suffer undue hurts and losses under unscrupulous associates.

How do we discern the hearts of people?

It is by keen observation over a period of time through which we see with clarity. People who make loyal and meaningful friends have the following traits:

a. They try to bring out the best in people but do not speak ill of others. James 4:11-12
b. They are concerned about what you think and speak what they truly feel, not what is politically acceptable. Matthew 5:37.
c. They endeavour to do the right thing but also readily confess their weaknesses. John 4:28.
d. They are not glib but will deliver what they have promised. Psalm 89:34.
e. They are emotionally wholesome and do not harbour brokenness and bitterness. Hebrews 12:15

Note: Text extracted from the sharing of Pastor Gabriel’s

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