Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 5/5)


Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 5/5)

5. As believers learn to obey God in all things, more authority will be entrusted to them.

Jesus’ ministry displays such power the world has never before seen. He raises the dead, calms the storm, multiplies bread and perhaps the greatest miracle of all is His own resurrection. In fact, Jesus becomes a living testimony of what God can do through an ordinary man who is fully committed to God. Even as Jesus is given all authority to do whatever He pleases, He does only what the Father desires: He humbles Himself even to the point of death. To glorify the Father’s name is to do His will. As believers are found faithful by walking in the truth, He gives us power and authority to establish His kingdom in our community.

How should believers live in obedience to God?

a.To put the interests of your organisation and community above your own.

b.To cover the weaknesses and failings of another and to exalt them.

c.To be appreciative for the work done by another.

d.To always be hopeful that tomorrow will be better even though difficulties may persist.

e.To always deliver on the promises that you have made.

f.To always believe in the potential of others and remind them of their strengths.

g.To always speak the truth and maintain integrity and honesty in the organisation.

h.To respect those who are absent in all conversations.

As we endeavor to live out the truth, God entrusts to us greater power and authority to change our world.

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