Our Commitment to God’s Word Reveals Our Attitude Towards Jesus


Jesus does not judge us by counting our past mistakes and follies. But He is drawn to those who love the truth, and who do what is right in the best of their abilities. Such are attracted to the Light, the Light is likewise attracted to them. Indeed, God is near to those who seek the truth and He blesses them abundantly.

Here, blessing is a by-product of God’s intimate presence and favour. Therefore, one should not be fixated on blessing, but to seek God’s face by sanctifying our hearts and following His ways.

Having said, there are many who seek God not out of love for the Light, but out of curiosity, love for power and blessing. They suppose by their cursory expressions of worship and by their meagre offerings they can move God to heed their prayers. The gospel records show Jesus keeping a distance from such men.

Those who desire more of God’s presence must focus on sanctifying their hearts and follow His ways. They must endeavour to do what is right despite inconveniences and sacrifices. They must make a decision serve God as their master and not money. Jesus, in response to a large crowd following Him says to them, “So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.” (Luke 14:33).

Note : Words extracted from http://thesolidfood.org/en/john-319-21-our-commitment-to-gods-word-inevitably-reveals-our-attitude-towards-jesus/

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