Pushing The Boundaries Of Our Comfort Zone


How much of your time is spent with people who are outside of your comfort zone? We should keep pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone in being able to connect with people of different race and background.

Our destiny is found in the dirty and the unholy places on earth. Many believers kept themselves away from sinners and those who come from the lower strata of the society. They kept themselves to those of similar social status, interests and religion. They suppose that as a way of preserving their class, and keeping themselves “holy” and “untainted” by the vulgarities of the world. Yet, Jesus spent His last moments not in a decent place surrounded by loved ones. He was shamed and executed in the most inhumane place surrounded by tormentors. He was numbered with criminals and blasphemers of the world for that was His destiny. Even though He is God, He felt at ease with sinners and tax collectors. He did not separate Himself from them because He was perfect. In fact, sinners are the ones who welcomed Him, but it’s the “holy” ones who persecuted and murdered Him. What made Jesus glorious and perfect is His selfless love for the outcasts and His willingness to identify with their suffering.

Text extracted from Pastor Gabriel Chong Yew Chan sharing.

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