Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 1/5)



Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 1/5)

1. In the process of establishing God’s kingdom, believers must stand for the truth wherever we are and to defend it.

In John 2:13-17, the Jewish leaders are using the temple and its rituals to make money for themselves. They did not fulfill their duties to make the temple a place of prayer and worship. Jesus makes a whip and drives out the people who are doing business there. Jesus risks alienating the Jewish authorities in order to turn the people back to the truth. In the context of the work place, when some unscrupulous people misuse company resources for their personal gain, all employees have the responsibility to flag the anomaly up to higher authorities so that the interests of the organization may be preserved.

Note : Text extracted from Pastor Gabriel’s sharing on http://thesolidfood.org/en/1-timothy-63-4a-believers-must-study-christs-life-through-the-gospel-as-the-foundation-of-godliness/

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