Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 2/5)



Godliness or Christ-likeness (Point 2/5)

2. Believers must guard against discrimination and social bias.

Jesus dismisses the prejudices of the Jews towards the people of Samaria and ministers to them (John 4:7-14). He does not let the self-righteous attitude of the Jews prevent Him from witnessing to the woman at the well. He goes into their community and lives with them for a few days. For Jesus, saving souls from destruction is more important than conforming to social norms.

Are we negatively influenced by the culture of our race or community? Some cultures that promote unequal treatment of gender, or caste system by giving preference to people of a higher social status hinder the establishment of God’s kingdom.

Note : Text extracted from Pastor Gabriel’s sharing on http://thesolidfood.org/…/1-timothy-63-4a-believers-must-s…/

1 Timothy 6:3-4a Believers must study Christ’s life through the gospel as the foundation of godliness

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