The world will not change or prosper until our heart does 2


The poverty of our environment has its origin in the poverty of man’s heart. The darkness over our families, organizations and nation is due to the darkness that exudes out of human corruption. Unless the hearts of the fathers change, there will be no peace in the families. Unless the hearts of pastors change to pursue truth, churches willremain lukewarm and worldly. Unless the hearts of the community leaders change to pursue righteousness and justice, the nation will continue to be immersed in gloom.

Most of the time, man turns to God in a bid to escape calamity. But until man acknowledges God as Lord out of reverence and love, there will never be peace and prosperity. The world will not change and prosper until our heart does. Hence, we no longer ask God to change our environment, but to first change our hearts through the regenerative work of the Spirit. Only then can our prosperity endure.

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