The world will not change or prosper until our heart does


If a problem cannot be solved by throwing money at it, it most likely requires a change of heart.

Most problems in the world cannot be solved by money alone because their roots go deep into the human psyche. Problems in the family, work place and issues of national concern more than often has to do with the selfish nature of man.

Therefore, we can only change our environment by first changing its values system and the way it operates according to the principles of truth.

Some supposed through financial power alone, we could lift people out of poverty. But if people are never taught how to invest and use money wisely, they will still be stuck in the mire of poverty.

Many parents supposed by giving their children more tuition will cause them to excel in their studies and grow up to become responsible adults.

Unless children observe in their parents the virtues of diligence and integrity, children remain dull and at risk of going astray. Although financial resource is the most portable and versatile form of resource, yet it remains the least effective in transforming lives.

Jesus never had much financial resource when He was on earth, yet He transformed the entire world through the Holy Spirit.

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